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ESC2000 Illuminated ETDRS Clinical Trial Cabinet

The ESC2000 Illuminated ETDRS Clinical Trial Cabinet, with its backlit LED light source, ensures low maintenance and eliminates the need for bulbs to warm up.
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Featured product

CSV1000 illuminated cabinet

Now offering the CSV1000 illuminated cabinet,the gold standard for contrast sensitivity and glare testing!
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Featured Product

ESV1500 Illuminated Cabinet, Calibrated

Self-calibrates uniform illumination on the chart surface for both photopic (85 cdm²) and mesopic (3 cdm²) light level testing.
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Featured Product

Basic LED Insta-Line Quantum

A cabinet that uses LED to provide uniform illumination for standardized testing. Features a rechargeable battery to permit testing in almost any location. *chart and remote overlay not included
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Featured product

ESV3000 ETDRS Clinical Trial Standardized Viewer

The ESV3000 ETDRS Clinical Trial Standardized Viewer includes three preset luminance levels at 3, 85, and 160 cd/m², along with chart storage at the back and self-calibrating technology.
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Get quick answers to common questions about Good-Lite's products and services in our FAQs section.

What is Good-lite?

Good-Lite is an industry leading provider of visual acuity testing tools and vision screening products. We offer a range of high-quality vision charts and testing and diagnostic equipment designed for eye care professionals to assess and monitor a variety of vision problems in patients


How do I choose the right visual acuity chart from Good-lite?

Good-lite provides various visual acuity charts tailored for different purposes and age groups. Consider factors such as patient age, testing distance, notation types, and specific vision testing requirements to select the most suitable chart for your practice.


Can Good-lite products be used for Pediatric vision screening and testing?

Yes, Good-lite offers specialized Pediatric visual acuity charts designed to engage and assess the vision of children. Good-Lite is the exclusive manufacturer of the LEA Symbols and Numbers and Core Testing system, the gold standard for pediatric vision assessment, screening and diagnostics.


Are Good-lite charts compliant with industry standards?

Yes, Good-lite is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards. Their visual acuity charts adhere to industry regulations, ensuring accurate and reliable results for eye care professionals. Additionally, these charts are frequently updated to meet the latest standards in vision testing.


Can I purchase Good-lite products online?

Absolutely! Good-lite provides a convenient online platform for purchasing their visual acuity charts and other vision screening tools. Our robust search engine makes finding what you need easy and fast. Explore our range of products on our website, add products to your cart, generate a quote, and checkout using any of our many payment methods, including Shop, PayPal and more.


How long does shipping take for Good-lite products?

Shipping times for Good-lite products may vary depending on your location and the chosen shipping method. Generally, we strive to process orders promptly, and standard shipping times apply. For more specific information, contact Good-Lite's customer support at


How can I request a quote for Good-lite products?

To request a quote for Good-lite products, you can visit our official website, add products to your cart and select the request a quote option when viewing your cart. Fill out your required details, including the specific, The Good-lite team will then provide you with a customized quote based on your request via email.

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