Good-Lite has always maintained a level of scrutiny when dealing with non-medical clients. We have in place a system to screen sales on many of our products, including but not limited to, All Alger Brush items and accessories, All magnifiers, all optics, all color vision deficiency products, all Vectograms, and all low vision aides, specifically our Leddles brand from Italy.

There are some items that we feel are appropriate to sell to non-medical customers, including but not limited to, Brock Strings, Lifesaver Cards, and Marsden Balls. In most incidents, medical professionals are placing the orders on behalf of their patients, and we simply drop-ship those items. Good-Lite maintains a protocol to not provide instructions on these products or offer these products online or over the phone. This protocol is to ensure that non-medical professional customers consult their doctors.

Outside of these few items, we require end users to provide proof from a medical professional before executing any final sales. Proof includes a prescription, or a recommendation on official letterhead, or any other written form of formal referral.

Good-Lite embraces a marketing plan that is aimed toward medical professionals, not end users. We actively offer discount codes and other promotions to help medical professionals save on costs to make it easier for these medical professionals to offer our products to their patients. Many of our customers already have special pricing tiers, and we are always willing to discuss ways to help them save money.

Our new website will require every customer to register. We will use this new requirement to further our efforts to prevent selling unauthorized items to non-medical professional end users. It is our highest priority to provide quality products to our customers, and to ensure those products are being used safely and under the guidance of the medical professional community.

We are always available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have; reach out to our team at any time