Low Vision Tests & Products

Low vision is a level of vision loss that makes it difficult for the patient to operate in real-world environments. Vision loss in patients with low vision cannot be corrected with contact lenses, glasses, surgery or medications. The most common cause of low vision worldwide is macular degeneration. Diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma are also common causes of low vision. When evaluating low vision, the specialist uses a series of tests that can capture the full range of the patient’s vision, from 20/40 up to 20/800 and beyond. Contrast sensitivity is also commonly used in examinations to determine how well patients can perceive contrast levels, which helps doctors understand the patients’ ability to see in real-world environments. The low vision examination is very important because it provides insights into what types of low vision devices can be used to help patients function in the everyday world. Low vision devices are designed to make objects more visible to patients and provide higher freedom of movement.

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