Vectograph Viewers

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These Vectograph Viewers greatly simplify vision therapy by holding vectographs at the proper angle. The vectographic panels can be slid to the ‘breaking point’ and back to the ‘recovery point’. These vectograph viewers support the full extension of the panels to their maximum base-in and base-out capabilities. The white background behind the vectograph supports base-out vergence work (convergence) and can be removed to reveal a clear background. This permits the use of the vectographs for fusional divergence work which requires that the patient view beyond the plane of the vectograph.

Available as either a single or double vectograph viewing stand.

585700 and 587900 are designed to hold vectographs from all other manufacturers and vectographs from Vision Assessment Corp.

Vectographs are not included with the viewers.

Click here for the Vectograph Viewers Guide.


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