Leo Learns by Doing

Leo Learns by Doing

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The Leo Learns by Doing DVD is a helpful tool for anyone who interacts with a vision impaired child. Parents, caregivers, relatives, teachers, doctors, and any other person who would like to contribute to the connections with a vision impaired child will find this information valuable. This video tells a story about a vision impaired child named Leo, and his parents, who visit with his vision teacher. The vision teacher shares step-by-step techniques with Leo’s parents to help Leo develop and strengthen his nonvisual senses and skills.

Though the award-winning video is a short 17 minutes, the positive impact it can make will be everlasting. Caring for and providing optimistic feedback to a vision impaired infant or child can be challenging. A vision impaired child will need to interact with their surrounding environment differently than a fully sighted child. Techniques are available to help build and refine the nonvisual senses and skills in a child with vision impairment as they start to develop from infancy to early toddler years. Early intervention is imperative to successful development and growing in a vision impaired child.

The Leo Learns by Doing DVD, from the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired, Finland, won a Silver Award in the 2011 WorldMediaFestival in Germany. The Silver Award was in the Training: Motivation category. WorldMediaFestival is a global competition for modern media founded in 2000 as an initiative by intermedia to honor and celebrate solutions in corporate film, television, web, and print productions on an international scale.

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