Inami M-CHARTS™ for Metamorphopsia Assessment Ver. 2.0

Inami M-CHARTS™ for Metamorphopsia Assessment Ver. 2.0

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Inami M-CHARTS™ are used to quantify metamorphopsia in patients with age-related macular degeneration, macular hole, and epiretinal membrane. In patients with metamorphopsia, a straight line projected onto the retina is recognized as an irregular or curved line. When a dotted line is used and the dot interval changes from fine to coarse, metamorphopsia decreases and finally disappears. Based on this phenomenon, M-CHARTS™ are developed to quantitatively assess metamorphopsia easily and quickly.

M-CHARTS™ include a straight line and 19 kinds of dotted lines with dot intervals ranging from 0.2° to 2.0° of visual angle. The length of the lines, the dot size of the lines, and the size of the Fixation point are 20°, 0.1°, and 0.3° of visual angle respectively. Type I has one line that passes through the Fixation point and Type II has two lines that are 1° apart from the Fixation point on each side. Type II is designed for patients with central scotoma.

For patients with Low Vision, M-CHARTS™ with a dot size of 0.5° visual angle are available.

34 pages in total. Includes instructions in Japanese and English.

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