Deluxe Adjustable Trial Frame - Silver & Teal

Deluxe Adjustable Trial Frame - Silver & Teal

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A lightweight adult Trial Frame where you can adjust the nose piece height, temple length, and PD (48 to 80mm). The axis and inclination are also adjustable. Holds 3 lenses in the front and 2 in the back. Includes a vertex distance scale.

  • Range of PD scale: 48 to 80mm (24 to 40 mm single side)
  • Temple angle (pantoscopic and retroscopic)
  • Temple length 4 1/3” to 5 1/3” (110 to 135 mm)
  • Nose bridge height 0-20mm and nose angle: 0 to 360º
  • Lens rotation is full 360º
  • Nose Piece height and angle for patient comfort
  • Extra nose piece included

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