LEA SYMBOLS<sup>®</sup> and HOTV Massachusetts Acuity Wall Chart

LEA SYMBOLS® and HOTV Massachusetts Acuity Wall Chart

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This test is designed specifically for the new Massachusetts Preschool Vision Screening Protocol. Features LEA SYMBOLS® on one side, and HOTV optotypes on the opposite side. Both sides have one practice line, two line sizes of 10/20 (equivalent) for 3 year olds, and two lines sizes of 10/16 (equivalent) for 4+ year olds. Has a hole for hanging the chart on the wall. Includes a response key with LEA SYMBOLS® on one side and HOTV on the opposite side. Uses the Massachusetts Preschool Vision Screening Protocol format.

Dimensions: 10" x 10" (25.4 cm x 25.4 cm).

Click here for the HOTV Test Set Guide.

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