Vision Therapy Products & Tools

Vision Therapy includes exercises and activities designed to improve or optimize eye-brain communication and visual function components, such as convergence and hand-eye coordination. Vision therapy is most commonly conducted with children who had vision development issues, such as amblyopia. More recently, adults who have cognitive disabilities associated with a brain injury, for example, have also shown improvements in eye-brain communication after vision therapy. Notably, individuals who participate in vision-intensive activities and would like to improve reaction time or hand-eye coordination, such as professional athletes and pilots, are taking advantage of vision therapy techniques. Vision therapy tools often include different types of prisms, which help strabismus patients correct their line of site. To improve hand-eye coordination, balance boards and electronic reaction time devices are commonly used. Vision therapy is most commonly conducted in an office setting, under the supervision or a doctor or orthoptist. Home vision therapy kits are also now available so that patients can continue the training at home.

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