Good-Lite and NMCEL Pilot Program

March 6, 2024
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Throughout our discussions on how to best serve New Mexico students, our goal has always been to provide the State and Educators with tangible solutions that relieve the burden stemming from the Martinez/Yazzi lawsuit. Specifically, we want to introduce an affordable, medically validated, online, automated, and compliant vision screening solution. Therefore, we have partnered with NMCEL to offer an initial pilot program to serve as proof of the efficacy of the screening technology, GLD-Vision, to be funded by Good-Lite Digital Inc.

To date, we have onboarded just over 2,000 students into the vision screening program across several of the Regional Education Cooperatives in the State. We have provided two GLD-Vision Support Kits for each school enrolled in the program, and trained several dozen nurses and staff through our Good-Lite Academy online courses.

Working with Stan Rounds, Executive Director at the New Mexico Coalition of Education Leaders (NMCEL) has allowed us to bring this online vision screening solution that was designed BY schools FOR schools into many rural school districts that often do not get the wellness solutions they need. GLD-Vision is 100% online, completely automated, and can screen a child's distance acuity vision, stereo vision, and color vision in under 3 minutes.

We look forward to continue to work the the NMCEL and other organizations to bring GLD-Vision to every student in New Mexico in the coming years.

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