The Good-Lite COVD Kit is not just a valuable resource for vision therapy; it is also an impactful fundraising tool. Each kit sold will directly contribute to your organization's fundraising efforts, with donating $6 to your organization for every kit purchased. This partnership ensures that your fundraising activities are both profitable and meaningful.

Proceeds from these sales will also support a variety of COVD Student Services Programs. These programs include the Tour de Optometry, which brings optometry professionals and students together for networking and education. Additionally, funds will be allocated to Research Grants that support innovative projects in the field of optometry. Annual Meeting Travel Grants will help students attend important conferences, and special COVD Speaker Presentations will be organized at various colleges or schools of optometry to provide valuable insights and learning opportunities.

We are committed to supporting the future of optometry education and are confident that this fundraising program will be a significant step towards achieving that goal. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of optometry students and professionals, ensuring they have the resources and opportunities needed to succeed. Let's work together to advance the field of optometry and support the next generation of vision care professionals.