One of the many reasons GLD Vision is such an amazing product is because of the accuracy of the screening process. And the mobile app is just as precise. Here is a testimonial from John Bass, COO of AESA, and we wanted to share his story with you.

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John's grandson with his new glasses, January 2021

First off, I hope each of you are safe and healthy these days.  I am sure hoping we all experience a happier new year in 2021.  Last year was difficult for so many people. Hopefully we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I wanted to send you an email to let you know I have become one of your biggest fans. I appreciate you sending me the mobile app for GLD Vision before Christmas. I wanted to test it out on a grandson that is 11 years old and has always passed his eye tests at school. The following is my testimonial:

My daughter never took him to an optometrist because the school said all was good based on their testing. I have always been concerned about one of his eyes not seeming to track correctly from a young age. However, I assumed his vision was good with that eye based on conversations with my daughter. Over the holidays, I administered the test to two of my oldest grandsons. The younger one passed with flying colors. The one I was concerned about did fine with one eye.  However, when I had him go to the eye which sometimes doesn’t track correctly and asked him to start with the first part of the test, he quickly began to tear up and said, “I cannot see what letter that is at all Papa”. This was very upsetting to his mom who was observing the testing and she was able to get him in to see an optometrist earlier this week. The diagnosis was that his vision in one eye was not close to what it should be. The doctor told my daughter that the brain was basically turning off that eye and just using the good one.  She said this explains why he could see fine when using both eyes. The doctor prescribed eyeglasses that she said should help retrain that eye and brain and that hopefully they caught it in time to fix it in this manner so the eye could track properly again over time.

I know this is a long email, but you have a new and even bigger fan down here in the Katy/Fulshear area. My daughter is so grateful for GLD Vision. She said if you ever needed another testimonial, she was all in. This mobile app helped our family.  I can only imagine how many children out in schools are in this same boat.

It was great to see how fantastic this one product was in real action – and to experience it personally.

Thanks again GLD Vision. From one of your biggest fans…

John Bass

AESA, Chief Operating Officer