SCHWEIZER Keplerian Telescopes

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A small and lightweight focusable telescope

  • Multi-coated achromatic precision optics
  • Focusable from infinity to near distance
  • Designed for mounting in a frame, 2 lock rings included

193040 - 3x9

  • Distance magnification 3x
  • Near magnification approx. 4.5x at 22cm Field of view 12.5°
  • Objective Ø 9mm, 23g
  • Silver black metal housing

193041 - 4x10

  • Distance magnification 4x
  • Near magnification approx. 5.5x at 22cm Field of view 10.0°
  • Objective Ø 10mm, 25g
  • Silver black metal housing

193042 - 6x16

  • Distance magnification 6x
  • Near magnification approx. 11.0x at 26cm Field of view 10.0°
  • Objective Ø 16mm, 77g
  • Black metal housing

Click here for the Low Vision Tutorial.

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